Having an environment that your family can feel safe in has never been more crucial than during this period. Potential viral and bacterial pathogens pose a constant, unseen threat to your family safety.

We are NEA licensed and provide disinfection / sanitisation service to help your home achieve a high level of hygiene. We use a ULV fogger to disperse the disinfectant. It is quick acting and effective, providing decontamination and 99.9% disinfection in as little as 30 minutes.

We use antimicrobial wipes to wipe down all high touch surfaces and we also steam clean the floor.

Importance of Disinfection / Sanitisation:

  1. Pathogens / germs can remain viable on dry surfaces for weeks and months.
  2. High touch surfaces have also been identified in recent years as hotspots of surface-mediated pathogen transmission, especially in hospitals.
  3. High touch surfaces include light switches, faucet handles, door knobs, poles, bed rails, toilet fixtures and lift buttons etc.

By disinfecting / sanitising your premises, you will enjoy the following benefits:

1. We use disinfectant (Super Q) and antimicrobial wipes (Clinell). Both products are approved by NEA.
2. ULV fogging with disinfectant.
3. Child-safe clinical formula to decontaminate bacteria, germs and coronaviruses (including COVID-19).
4. Wipe down high touch surfaces with antimicrobial wipes.
5. Steam cleaning for floor.

Looking for an award winning and NEA certified cleaning services?

We provide everything you need. House cleaning, disinfection / sanitisation, end of lease cleaning, spring cleaning, post-tenancy cleaning, post renovation cleaning, handover cleaning, countertop / solid surface polish or curtain steam cleaning etc

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