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We offer spring cleaning, end of lease cleaning, disinfection / sanitisation, post renovation cleaning, handover cleaning, post-tenancy cleaning, solid surface repair and curtain steam cleaning in Singapore.

Our handover cleans are carried out by dedicated cleaning professionals who specialise in properties in need of a thorough clean, either at the end of a tenancy or before the start of one.

We are equipped with all the necessary cleaning products, tools and equipment to undertake your handover clean. We have carried out thousands of handover cleaning, end of lease cleaning, post-tenancy cleaning, post renovation cleaning and curtain steam cleaning in Singapore and know how to satisfy new homeowners, landlords and real estate agents.


*** No plumbing, handyman, item disposal and painting services.


Disinfection / Sanitisation
Quote from $260 onwards
ULV fogging treatment
Child-safe clinical formula to decontaminate coronaviruses (including COVID-19)
Lavender smell and non-toxic
Curtain Steam Cleaning - On-site
$40 per room of 2 pieces (single layer)
$60 per room of 4 pieces (day and night)
On-site steam cleaning
Refresh curtains / Removes dust and odour
Handover Cleaning / Post-Tenancy Cleaning
Quote from $260 onwards
Thorough house cleaning
Rates based on floor area and unit condition
Floor / kitchen steam cleaning
Post Renovation Cleaning
Quote from $260 onwards
Thorough house dusting
Rates based on floor area and unit condition
Bathroom steam cleaning. Additional charge applies. $20 per bathroom


Spring Cleaning Rates

Weekday: $25 per hour per helper
Weekend: $30 per hour per helper
Duration: 3 helpers x 3.5 hours (1,000 sq ft). Subject to floor area, unit condition and hour extension.
Equipment fee applies if we bring equipments and cleaning supplies – $50

For spring cleaning, post-tenancy cleaning, disinfection / sanitisation, end of lease cleaning, handover cleaning, post renovation cleaning or curtain steam cleaning, please contact us for quote. Quote will be based on the floor area and unit condition.

On-site Curtain Steam Cleaning Rates

$40 per room of 2 pieces (single layer / normal size)
$60 per room of 2 pieces (single layer / large size) 
$60 per room of 4 pieces (day and night / normal size)
$100 per room of 4 pieces (day and night / large size)
Please note that curtain steam cleaning will not remove stains.

** In the event of cancellation, a cancellation fee of $80 applies.


Jobscope for end of lease / handover cleaning:

For end of lease cleaning, handover cleaning, post-tenancy cleaning or post-renovation cleaning, we provide thorough cleaning to ensure a proper handover.

End of lease jobscope include:

1. Built cabinet cleaning (interior and exterior)

2. Window cleaning (interior) and grilles

3. Degrease of kitchen appliances and area (including wall tiles, hood, stove, oven, countertops and fittings)

4. Cleaning of refrigerator (interior and exterior), washer and dryer

5. Vacuum, mop and steam cleaning of all floor areas

6. NO grout cleaning

7. Washroom cleaning (including wall tiles, floor, basin, toilet bowl, shower glass panel and fittings)

8. Cleaning of all mirrors, doors and handles

9. Balcony cleaning (if any)

10. Cleaning of ceiling fans and window blinds (if any)

11. Cleaning of wall skirting

12. Best effort to remove stains, dirt marks and wall marks

13. ** Optional Service. Bathroom steam cleaning. For sanitisation. Additional charges apply. $20 per bathroom

14. ** Optional Service. Additional $50 for oven interior cleaning

15. ** Optional Service. Curtain steam cleaning (on-site). Additional charges applies.

16. ** Optional Service. Disinfection / sanitisation. ULV fogging treatment. Decontaminate bacteria, germs and viruses (including COVID-19). Additional charges apply.

17. ** Optional Service. Solid surface / countertop polish and restore. Additional charges apply.


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