Curtain Steam Cleaning



Curtain steam cleaning is an eco-friendly, non-toxic alternative to chemical cleaning methods. It is convenient and effective.

Due to the inconvenience of taking down curtains, removing hooks, sending them to the dry cleaners for a few days (leaving the windows in your home looking cold and bare) and then reversing the process, people tend to put off calling a dry cleaning service in Singapore.

With our steam cleaning equipment, we clean your curtains ON-SITE using steam. Removing dust and odour. Leaving your curtains looking and smelling fresh and clean.

Curtain Steam Cleaning Rates:

$30 per room of 2 pieces (single layer / normal size)
$50 per room of 2 pieces (single layer / large size)
$50 per room of 4 pieces (day and night / normal size)
$80 per room of 4 pieces (day and night / large size)
Large set refers to big living room or high ceiling. Note that curtain steam cleaning will not remove stains.
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